Academic Success Through Strong Relationships



Leah Johnson, the owner of PDX Learners, has been working with students since 1992. She has been an Outdoor School Counselor, SMART Reading Program Assistant, and a classroom teacher for more than a decade.

With experience working with students K-12, she has developed a strong belief that all students can succeed and that positive relationships are at the base of any successful model. Knowledgable about the Common Core Curriculum and multiple modes of learning, Leah brings the concise practice with a compassionate approach that encourages each learner to achieve their goals. 

No student is an island, and parental input is key. You are your child's first and best teacher. Leah sets aside time for each of her families to bring their child's strengths and challenges to light during a free initial consultation. Afterwards a learning plan is developed and regular reports on your child's progress are provided.



There are many different areas to becoming a proficient writer. At PDX Learners, we work with learners in the areas of grammar, spelling, generating ideas for writing, organizing thoughts, and motivation to help them connect with content that might be a bit dry.

When it comes to writing, the actual words your students use and how they use those words is vital, but putting “pen to paper” is the last step of a long process that requires plenty of practice and planning.


PDX Learners focuses on the skills that your child needs within the top four areas of math learning; problem solving, applied (real world) math, estimation & approximation, and those basic computational skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Students not only need to learn the subject material they are taught, but also how to pay attention, organize thoughts and materials, and monitor their own progress.
Read more about executive functioning here: https://www.understood.org/en/learning-attention-issues/child-learning-disabilities/executive-functioning-issues/3-areas-of-executive-function


Most of us take for granted how complex of a task reading is. PDX Learners has worked with students in the support of reading for all ages though middle school years. From concepts of print to reading for understanding, we will assess your child's needs and meet them where they are.


I am a retired teacher/school administrator.  As a volunteer in Leah’s classroom, I was able to observe both her organizational skills and interactions with children.  One of her goals was to differentiate instruction so the needs of all students were met.  She designed lessons and materials so we were able to support those students requiring more help and challenge those needing enrichment. I found her to be organized, well prepared, able to identify students’ instructional levels, and encouraging to students to set goals for themselves and work hard to reach them.


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